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    2013 Program Services Report

    News Posted Fri, May 30th, 2014 Download 2013 Program Services Report

    In 2013, 53,924 individuals 75% of families term housing.  Despite the ongoing struggles of the current economy--the lack of jobs and the continued challenges in finding affordable homes--the average length of stay was nine weeks.

    As always, some of the unique elements of our program stand out.  Nearly 6% of our families were headed by a single male parent.  (One quarter were
    two-parent families; 65% were headed by the mother.)  In most communities, it is not possible for such a family to stay together in shelter.
    Fifty-eight percent of the people we served were children, and 43% of those were age 5 and under.  Finally, the outgrowth of services that comes from
    the initial IHN model is reflected by the more than 37,000 children and adults who received support beyond the IHN program from Family Promise Affiliates.

    Digging deeper into the issues behind family homelessness, here is what we found.  Sixteen percent of families had at least one member with a
    disability. Thirty-eight percent of guest families became homeless as a direct result of eviction or foreclosure.  In the latter category, the primary factor was foreclosure by the landlord, not families themselves suffering foreclosure (though that happens as well).  Despite efforts by HUD to eliminate homelessness among veterans, the percentage, 2.9% of adult guests, is virtually unchanged from previous years.

    We continue to see a shift from transitional housing to permanent housing, with 60% of families moving into permanent housing and only 15% into transitional.

    Family Promise currently has:

    •    182 Affiliates

    •    More than 1,000 community initiatives

    •    Approximately 6,000 congregations and 160,000

    Since the program began, more than 600,000 people have been served by Family
    Promise Affiliates.  That truly is transforming lives.

    Download 2013 Program Services Report in PDF Format


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